Mike Quinsey: A Message from My Higher Self.

Mike Quinsey
Mike Quinsey

Time continues to speed up and your consciousness levels are growing all of the time. You will reach a point where you will no longer be able to remain in the lower vibrations, and will ascend. It is the point of change that you have been heading for since you first dropped down into them.

This opportunity is open to every soul that has focussed upon Ascension, and taken steps to prepare themselves for such an occasion. If you have been aware of it and raised your vibrations, there is no reason why you should not be successful. These opportunities are always open to any soul that has prepared for such an upliftment, and their Guides will help them to be successful.

Earthly matters are in a great state of change, and some major decisions have been made that will soon bring the details into the public domain. Although given little publicity, the State of America has been brought into being and is now going through legal moves to validate it. Along with currency changes that are also well advanced, many countries are seeking to change from the dollar as their leading money standard.

Also with the coming re-valuation of the currencies no one should lose out as a result, as there are arrangements that when put in hand will ensure that all people will be catered for. It has also been planned for a very long time to distribute funds that have been growing under the protection of St. Germain. Be assured that everyone will ultimately be looked after, and have their living standards greatly raised.

Changes have been planned for a successful completion of this cycle for a very long time, and powerful forces of Light have ensured that no interference is allowed. Freewill still operates where individuals are concerned, but for Humanity as a whole its destiny has already been decided by great Beings that have guided you for eons of time.

As your history shows you, at the end of a cycle there are always major changes and whether they are beneficial to you depends on how far you have raised your vibrations. It was anticipated that you would achieve sufficient progress to ascend, and nothing can now change the outcome.

Whilst the changes are taking place there will be a degree of discomfort, because as quick as they will be carried out the task is of a mammoth size. So be patient when things get under way and know that the outcome will be to everyone’s satisfaction.

There will be few regrets because you will be making up for lost time and will gain much more than you can possibly have lost. Instead of spending your lifetime working day in and day out, you will have so much more time to follow your own pursuits. You will no longer be spending virtually all of your time earning a living, and have more than ample time to follow your own interests.

The dark Ones are well aware that their power is being severely curtailed, and no matter what they try they will not be allowed to regain it. They are also conversant with the promises of those of the Light who are moving ahead at a rapid pace. The Beings of Light now control the future of the Earth and its people. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with the progress being made, and any delay will not be of great consequence.

Dear people of Earth your time has come to take a quantum leap forward and thus make up for lost time that has held you back. Changes will soon manifest and you will understand the wonders that the future holds for you. It will be joy and happiness as you are made free from the attention of the dark Ones. Keep positive and know all is proceeding well and the beneficial changes are beginning to take place.

Many souls are eager to give of themselves at such an important time, but bide your time and know that soon there will plenty of opportunities to serve the Light. Many already give of themselves to the cause, and are serving in various ways that are enabling it to manifest. Simply take every opportunity to help others along and make the truth known to those you consider to be ready for it.

People are waking up to the changes even if they do not understand the greater purpose behind them. It is to be expected as the vibrations continue to rise up, and many are now finding that their consciousness is opening up. This may cause confusion and this is where the Lightworkers can help by clarifying the situation for them.

It will be some time before the Press is taken out of the control of the dark Ones, so until then the best source of truth will be your Internet. However, it is also being used by the dark Ones, but if you are intuitive you should be able to determine which sites are reliable, and whose messages are given in truth.

Know that you are living in a hologram and that it does not represent the true reality from whence you came. It is of your own making and has given you the opportunity to create an environment of your choice. One in which you can experience a 3D reality in which you can achieve a faster evolution.

Many aspects are enjoyable but those souls of a low vibration ensure that you also experience negativity, bringing need and unhappiness. It is a mixture of both that presents changes and challenges all of the time. However, you of the Light have come through it with flying colours and have considerably evolved as a result. Never again will you have to face such mixed experiences.

What is happening on Earth is quite normal at the end of a cycle, but not all end exactly in the same way. You have been successful in learning the lessons that a 3D existence has given you, whereas recent civilisations have failed to do so. You are to be congratulated on achieving so much more than you presently understand. The journey has been long and arduous and you have come through the fires of materialism and emerged victorious. The experience has served you well and will ensure you are well equipped for any future challenges.

For many souls the chaos has accompanied them throughout their lives, all of it having been for their needed experience. Be assured that you will not need to go through them again. You may wonder why you volunteered for them, but before you came to Earth you were made aware of the nature of your coming experiences. You understood that at no time would you travel through the lower dimensions without assistance, even if at the time you were unaware of it.

Each lifetime you have had help to ensure that you followed your life plan that you agreed to before you incarnated. That is so important to you, as if you fail to do so you will have to do it in another lifetime. Many things seem to happen by chance but be assured that everything of importance is planned and necessary for your evolution.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with Love and Blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

A Message from my Higher Self. Channelled by Mike Quinsey. February 19, 2016.

Reddit AMA: Fusion Power

A very interesting discussion about our future. What follows is the (edited) first page of the AMA, please click on the source link for further information.

Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit, we’re scientists at the Max Planck Institute for plasma physics, where the Wendelstein 7-X fusion experiment has just heated its first hydrogen plasma to several million degrees. Ask us anything about our experiment, stellerators and tokamaks, and fusion power! : science

Source Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/46k5y4/science_ama_series_hi_reddit_were_scientists_at/

Hi Reddit, we’re a team of plasma physicists at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics that has 2 branches in Garching (near Munich) and Greifswald (in northern Germany). We’ve recently launched our fusion experiment Wendelstein 7-X in Greifswald after several years of construction and are excited about its ongoing first operation phase. In the first week of February, we created our first hydrogen plasma and had Angela Merkel press our big red button. We’ve noticed a lot of interest on reddit about fusion in general and our experiment following the news, so here we are to discuss anything and everything plasma and fusion related!

Here’s a nice article with a cool video that gives an overview of our experiment.

And here is the ceremonial first hydrogen plasma that also includes a layman’s presentation to fusion and our experiment as well as a view from the control room.

Answering your questions today will be:

Prof Thomas Sunn Pedersen – head of stellarator edge and divertor physics (ts, will drop by a bit later)

Michael Drevlak – scientist in the stellarator theory department (md)

Ralf Kleiber – scientist in the stellarator theory department (rk)

Joaquim Loizu – postdoc in stallarator theory (jl)

Gabe Plunk – postdoc in stallarator theory (gp)

Josefine Proll – postdoc in stellarator theory (jp) (so many stellarator theorists!)

Adrian von Stechow – postdoc in laboratory astrophyics (avs)

Felix Warmer (fw)

We will be going live at 13:00 UTC (8 am EST, 5 am PST) and will stay online for a few hours, we’ve got pizza in the experiment control room and are ready for your questions.

EDIT 12:29 UTC: We’re slowly amassing snacks and scientists in the control room, stay tuned!http://i.imgur.com/2eP7sfL.jpg

EDIT 13:00 UTC: alright, we’ll start answering questions now!

EDIT 14:00 UTC: Wendelstein cookies! http://i.imgur.com/2WupcuX.jpg

EDIT 15:45 UTC: Alright, we’re starting to thin out over here, time to pack up! Thanks for all the questions, it’s been a lot of work but also good fun!


Just reading that article, it seems like there were lots of problems faced in the building of the Stellarator. What would you say was the hardest obstacle that you managed to overcome? And can you run through a(n extremely) simplified version of how you overcame it? Thank you.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

From the theoretical point of view it was necessary to understand the problems which result from three-dimensionality of the stellarator (loss of continuous symmetry and the related conservation laws). Regarding the construction the main problems were the construction of the superconducting non-planar coils. Also putting a big machine (about 700t) together with a tolerance of about 1mm is very demanding (e.g. wielding parts together will, if not done carefully enough, lead to a non-tolerable welding distortion). So, the most simplified version how to overcome construction problems is: work extremely carefully and constantly check quality (which will take time) (rk)


When I hear about Stellarators specifically, there’s alot of talk about how those are particularly difficult to simulate the behavior of. Where exactly does all this added complexity come from compared to, say, a tokamak? Why does the twisting make that much of a difference?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

The main point is that the tokamak plasma is two-dimensional and the stellarator plasma is three-dimensional. This makes stellarators about one order of magnitude more difficult to simulate. (rk)

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

It is computationally more intensive to do calculations for a system that has no obvious symmetry. The complexity of the physics that we must understand is in most areas higher, but in some, lower than for the tokamak. To give an example where the complexity is lower by stellarators: The tokamak is a self-organised configuration – the plasma creates part of the confining magnetic field, but can also affect its own confining field much more. The stellarator has its confining magnetic field dictated from the coils and cannot perturb it strongly. (ts) In some sense, the stellarator is a stiff cage with some leaks in it, a tokamak is a wobbly cage with much less leaks. So the wobbliness of the tokamak makes it somewhat more complex to understand when it comes to large-scale stability.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

If you imagine how a grid would need to look like on which you want to describe your particle motion, a stellarator needs a much finer grid to correctly show all the twists and wiggles in the magnetic field. (jp)


When do you think will fusion power become a reliable source of energy?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

According to the EFDA Roadmap it is planned that the demonstration reactor DEMO should produce first electricity 2050 (as usual: if everything works as expected). It will just be a prototype. After this one can start producing reactors on a large scale. So, the time when fusion power will become a reliable source of energy then depends how fast further reactors can be build. But roughly I would say, not before 2060. (rk)


Let’s hope for the best, this is the type of technology that will herald a new age of clean and unlimited energy 🙂


As far as I can calculate, fusion power might be 40% cheaper than fission power. Fuel cost close to zero, no waste to dispose, decommissioning cheaper. But that’s FAR from “a new age of clean and unlimited energy”. It’s quite possible that by the time we have fusion power, power from renewables will be so cheap that fusion power won’t even be economically viable.


The problem with renewable today is that the current power grid we have is much more viable with either nuclear energy or fossil fuels. A nuclear plant is thus much better able to integrate with he current grid than renewable like solar and wind. Not saying solar and wind are not a viable source. They are, but not something that can replace the entire power grid of a region for example.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

You are right, my friend 😉

Wind and Solar are not base-load. They have a fluctuating nature. Thus, one needs large-scale energy storage and back-up systems (both not existing until now; there are not even technologies for large storage)

Thus, fusion power is in that sense benefical as it provides a base-load continous power to the grid! (fw)


Wow thanks for the reply! I have one question as it relates to fusion though, you or one of your peers posted out that the current timeline of 25 years is largely dependent on budget constraints. My question is how much money is required to really speed up the process? Can it be sped up or are you guys still in the stage of studying how fusion works?

Also, can the Wendelstien power plant be replicated in other countries or is Germany holding its tech close to the chest,

Finally earlier in the month you may have heard of gravitational waves being detected. I read that one of its practical uses, should you our detectability get better, is study the inner workings of stars, would that help the process along?

Also I wanted to thank you, you’re truly at the forefront of future energy power. 🙂

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

More money would enable us to build more experiments to pursue different ideas to fusion. Also it would be necessary to build a neutron radiation facility needed for developing fusion material.

Wendelstein in its current design is not a power plant. For a power plant you have to build it approximately four times larger. The design of Wendelstein is published and we are an international institute with lots of collaborations so there is no need for Germany to hold the technology to its chest.

The fusion process (Deuterium plus Tritium) itself is extremely well understood and basic nuclear physics so there is no further research necessary. Probing the inner working of stars is certainly interesting but does not help with fusion since the main problem is to confine and heat the plasma. (rk)


I see, the only real obstacle is further research and engineering on how to confine and hear plasma. Thank you for your replies. I hope your work bears real fruit soon. Please come back for more AMAs whenever time allows you.


Isn’t pumped-storage hydroelectricity, exempting its many issues with widescale deployment, a viable, and technologically feasible, answer to the issue of energy storage and back-up, at least temporarily?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Of all fundamental forces known to physics, gravity is the weakest by far. That is the reason why gravitational storage systems never reach the capacities we would need. The entire german hydropower capacity, for example, amounts to ~40GWh. That is just about half an hour of supplying the german peak load.(md)


Yes, the current grid is limited, and not designed for a multi-small-intermittent-source environment. But I’ve read that it works fine with 40% or 50% renewable intermittent sources on it. Still need existing nuclear or gas to back it up.

But that will change. Grids will become smarter. We’ll have local solar-farms and wind-farms, and storage. And some household solar and storage. Tidal power and storage in coastal regions. Sure, we’re not yet ready to replace entire regional power grids with 100% renewables. But there’s no reason it can’t happen over, say, the next 50 or 75 years.


Perhaps it’ll be relevant for space travel? Not a lot of windmills up there 🙂


Yes, I think that’s an unstated motive behind some redditors support for nuclear (fission and fusion). Nothing else really works for serious space travel.


Hopefully this timeline will be accurate so I can see this happen before I die!


Well, you what they say, fusion is the power of the future – and always will be.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

It may take a long time — even beyond your lifespan. But think of your children and grand-children. Fusion power is a legacy. And future generations will thank us for the efforts we made. 😉 (fw)


“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in”


Starting work on the great cathedrals must have felt something like this.


Alternatively, what are the main hurdles which stand in the way of fusion power, how significant are they, and how difficult are they likely to be to overcome?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Despite the fantastic progress……..

1960’s: tokamak plasmas confined and heated to about 10 million degrees; 1990’s: plasmas heated to more than 100 million degrees with first release of 16MW of fusion power for 24MW of input power, for less than a second; 2020’s ITER is aiming at 500MW of fusion power for 50MW of input power, for several minutes;

……….there are some physics and engineering challenges to overcome:

(1) the problem of heat exhaust (particles and heat must be channeled to the edge of the machine, but materials can only withstand a certain amount of heat flux density)

(2) the problem of tritium breading (the easiest fusion reaction is Deuterium-Tritium but Tritium is not found in nature and must be generated inside the reactor)

(3) the problem of steady-state (one would like to operate a fusion power plant continuously; tokamaks cannot do that, although they can produce long pulses; stellarators can in theory operate steady-state)

(4) disruptions (this is a problem only present in tokamaks: sometimes the plasma becomes unstable and is quickly lost, potentially damaging the machine; while not dangerous, these should be prevented)

……..there are others but I think (1)-(4) are the most crucial. (jl)


I am asking as an absolute layman: Problem 3 and 4 only seem to exist in Tokamaks but not in Stellarators. Why are you still evaluating both design types if one seems to have clear advantages over the other?


Stellarators have other issues too. The twisty nature of the magnetic fields that is necessary for cancelling some drift forces also means that particles can sometimes diffuse outwards faster than they could in a tokamak, which means a weaker confinement and less output power for input power. It can be controlled and minimized (maybe eliminated, eventually), but the problem is there.

We also have to appreciate history. Experiments on this size take very long times to develop and build. W7-X planning began in 1980, and is one of two stellarators on this scale (the other is the Large Helical Device in Japan). On the other hand, there are many large tokamaks all over the world (off the top of my head, DIII-D, JET, Asdex, JT-60, EAST). Why?

Shortly after fission arrived in WWII, fusion was conceived. When someone got the bright idea to use it in a powerplant instead of a bomb, physicist Lyman Spitzer thought about it a bit and created the first stellarator, Stellarator A. At around the same time (late 40’s, early 50’s), the Soviet Union was experimenting with a different fusion design known as the tokamak.

In these early days, the Soviets chose the right design. The stellarator designs in use were what we now call classical stellarators. Without a supercomputer to optimize the shape and thus minimize particle losses and the energy they take with them, the tokamak design was able to produce much hotter, more confined plasmas. The rest of the world took notice and sidelined stellarator programs in favor of tokamaks.

In the early days all experiments were short pulses and without fast computers to handle data acquisition, the magnitude of the various plasma disruption mechanisms was not fully appreciated. As devices got larger and were designed to operate for much longer times, tokamak performance didn’t increase as quickly as was hoped for. This is the origin of the “20 years away” fusion meme. With better diagnostics available as computer science advanced in the 60s-70s, the importance of disruptions and other edge plasma effects like the presence of impurities from first wall ablation was finally appreciated.

At about the same time, the advances in computer science allowed the Max Plank Institute to test the concept of an “Advanced Stellarator”. The first of these was W7-AS (1988). It functioned well, and so they went ahead with W7-X and here we are. There have been a few other advanced stellarators like HSX in Wisconsin, but because of the lead times on these experiments and the relatively recent introduction of supercomputers, W7-X is the only large stellarator that can test things at scale (high densities and temperatures).

If W7-X performs well in terms of disruptions, transport, and confinement, and if ITER performs poorly in the same, we may see a resurgence in stellarators at the ITER/DEMO level and beyond. Otherwise, it’ll probably follow the money, and the money is on the inertia of tokamaks.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Because the tokamak so far has had significantly better confinement of the plasma energy. We aim to show that W7-X has been optimised enough that it will have tokamak-like confinement. (ts)


Because like in anything, trying different routes can bring to light solutions to problems you never even knew you had. Basically, never put all your eggs in one basket.


And to add to this, if the answer is “25 years”, that’s been the answer since the 60s.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

This is an old joke every fusion scientist enjoys very much 🙂 But fusion is much more difficult to achive than people thought in the 60s. Also one must take into account that progress is a function of money. So, putting more money into fusion research would speed up things considerably. But this is a political question. Also fusion need big machines which take a long time (about 10 years) to construct and to operate. (rk)


Progress is a function of money.

I like this line a lot. It should be used more often, or at the very least, be printed on a t-shirt and sold for progress.


indeed. i would buy them, but only if the money goes 100% toward Wendelstein7-X


How many Progress Units would you charge for it?


19.99 milliprogresses +s&h


How much funding do you receive and how much funding would be ideal to speeding up that timeline?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

A lot more would be nice! Our national budget (Germany) is around 150 million euro (don’t quote me on that!), of which a large part (120 million euro) goes to IPP – this includes both our Garching and Greifswald branches, so 2 massive experiments. That may sound like a lot of money, but especially in Germany it’s very little compared to our renewable energies budget, for example.

It would be nice if we could internationally afford another big prototype like ITER. Putting all our eggs in one basket is difficult but necessary with the current global budget. If only we could have a stellarator reactor prototype! (avs)


As a German I think the amount of funding you get is ridiculously low. You should convince people that fusion is a renewable energy.


Merkel has a Doctorate in physics, doesn’t she think it’s worth more funding?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

What she personally thinks doesn’t matter that much in political reality, the chancellor in Germany can set accents but not single-handedly decide on budgets! (avs)


When I’m president or a billionaire, I will give you whatever you need for funding.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

/u/Seventytvvo for president! (This is not an official endorsement by the Max Planck Society) (avs)


You know the president can’t just allocate billions to whatever he wants right?


How would you compare your approach to Lockheed Martin’s?

What are the pros and cons of each?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

I have listened to a talk given by on of the Lockheed physicists. His main argument regarding the timeline was a management argument: they are a commercial company and can not afford to do research for decades since they have to make money. As a consequence they have to achieve fusion in about 5 years. He did not talk about the physical problems involved and how to get fusion in 5 years. The whole talk was just ridiculous. (rk)


Thank you very much for pointing that out. 5 years…


Do you have an opinion on General Fusion’s approach? Their approach to magnetized target fusion seems to promise fusion without the extreme magnetic confinement that makes fusion so expensive and slow to develop.


Just to put things into perspective. At the APS conference that avs mentioned, they presented the current achieved parameters in the Lockheed Martin prototype. These were ~10 ev temperatures, 1017 particles per meter squared density, and confinements times of 4 to 100 microseconds. At its most simple form, fusion progress can be measured as the product of these three numbers. Current state of the art tokamaks (like JET) operate at around 5-10 keV temperatures, 1020 particles per meter cubed and have confinement times of up to 1 s. This means that Lockheed Martin is about 9 orders of magnitude behind state of the art tokamaks. They are about seven orders of magnitude behind the startup plasmas currently on W7X. The idea that they’re somehow going to improve their concept 9 orders of magnitude in a timeline of five years is insane. This would be a problem even if they didn’t have serious unanswered issues with their design, and if their lead scientist didn’t demonstrate a woefully inadequate knowledge of basic fusion science issues.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Honestly, we’re quite sceptical concerning the very compressed timeline that Lockheed is proposing. Having been at the APS conference last November where they presented a lot of their work, many fundamental questions were left unanswered. How will they shield their superconducting magnets against neutron radiation? How will they suppress cusp end losses?

The stellarator and tokamak concepts are much more mature and the roadmap to fusion a much clearer path for these concepts.

We’ve written a short article about this here, check it out and let us know if you have more questions! (avs)


How will they shield their superconducting magnets against neutron radiation?

Can you briefly summarize how the W7-X deals with neutron radiation? Isn’t that one of the biggest challenges with fusion reactors?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

W7-X is a research device, not a reactor. It is too small to function as a reactor, just big enough to give us lots of new physics. That is why it will not be operated with tritium. Hence, the neutron yield is tiny. The way to deal with it is a simple concrete wall. In an actual reactor the neutrons would be absorbed by a breeding blanket and used to produce new tritium.


the neutrons would be absorbed by a breeding blanket and used to produce new tritium

I’m learning so much today! Thanks for taking your time off for this!



Short: as far as i know, Lithium 7 “coat” the reactor, Neutron expulsed by fusion break lithium 7 into tritium

[–]WeaponsGradeHumanityBS|Computer Science|Data Mining and Machine Learning

What do you imagine the limits will be in terms of miniaturisation and portability?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Regarding magnetic confinement fusion it will not be possible to do it with a small machine. The argument is roughly that we loose energy through the surface of the reactor by turbulence but energy is produced in the volume. So, we have to make the surface/volume-ratio small which can be done by making machines bigger (reducing turbulence is not possible). If a fusion reactor was to fit into a submarine we would not have to worry about money 🙂 (rk)


What is the latest work that addresses turbulence-reduction, and where it has failed or succeeded? I.E. why do you think reducing turbulence is not possible?

(I think I have a good set of these papers, but I am interested in what recent work has been done to overcome this limitation)

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

I should point out that turbulence is a limitation, especially if you want a small device. However, it is no show-stopper. It usually is a show-stopper for those promising you a tiny machine on a tiny budget :-).(md)


Why is it thought to be a limitation?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Turbulence is driven by gradients of pressure and temperature. Hence, a smaller machine tends to have worse turbulence and experience greater difficulty maintaining its high plasma temperature.(md)


Maybe make a bigger submarine? Get some of those sweet, sweet defense dollars.

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Fusion reactors will always be big devices, so you will unfortunately probably never see a Mr. Fusion for your car. The reason is that a fusing plasma loses energy through its surface area (residual contact with the walls) and produces energy through in its volume. The larger your device, the better the ratio of volume to surface is, just like penguins are larger near the poles than the equator to compensate for the higher heat loss there.

ITER is going to be the first reactor that clearly passes the break-even mark, producing several times more fusion power output than heating power in – look at its size! (avs)


TIL Something about penguins in a thread about nuclear fusion.


If your Stellarator got the funding and was built on the scale of ITER, what would you expect the input/output to be in comparison to the Tokamak design?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

The power output of a tokamak or stellarator plant will be the same, about 1.5GW. (rk)


Could a fusion reactor ever be a good renewable source of helium? Or is the amount generated too small for practical use?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

The amount of fuel fusion consumes, and hence the amount of helium produced, is very small. The helium we produce will be used in the reactor.


Oh? Used as fuel or would it have another use?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Helium is a cooling agent for very low temperatures.



What are the goals of the W7-X, i.e. what would be deemed success?

What’s the next step for stellerators after W7-X? Could you guess how many iterations to a commercial reactor?


[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

The first objective is construction of the machine itself. The superconducting modular coils of this machine are a technological leap and W7-X has demonstrated that this can be done. The next important point in my opinion is the verification of the theory behind this design. W7-X is a so-called optimised stellarator and its design relies strongly on our numerical models and software. Demonstrating that our predictions are good would enable us to design the next machine. Finally, another very important point would be the investigation of steady state operation. this is one of the great advantages of the stellarator and very important for a reactor. In a project of this magnitude there are of course many other questions to be addressed, but these are, imho, the most important ones.


Thanks for the reply.

Until the W7-X hit the news there had been no emphasis placed on the pulsed operation of toroid reactors. Pulsed doesn’t seem viable long term.

Want to hazard an estimate of reactor iterations to commercial use?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

Here one has to distinguish between the tokamak and the stellarator line. For tokamaks: Currently ITER is a major step, which is a large facility build in France and will produce more fusion power than power is injected in the plasma. After ITER, the plan is to have a tokamak demonstration power plant (DEMO), which shall demonstrate the net electric power production. After this demonstration, there will be commercial fusion.

Stellarator: After W7-X a decision has not yet been made. One plan according to the European fusion roadmap is to have an intermediate step stellarator after W7-X, and after this step we go directly to commercial fusion using synergies in the development of technologies with the tokamak line. An alternative may be a direct step for W7-X to a stellarator power plant. A decision can only be made, after W7-X demonstrated its reactor capability in 2020. (fw)


Excellent, thanks.


I have very limited knowledge of fusion compared to you all, but find fusion absolutely fascinating so thanks for doing this. One of the things I am curious about is how you convert the yield into viable power? Do you aim to use a low neutron process for direct conversion? If not, how do you convert heat from inside such a delicately contained plasma field?

[–]Wendelstein7-XMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics[S]

The plasma does not need to get out to give away its energy. The DT fusion reaction produces an alpha particle and a neutron, the latter carrying an energy of ~14MeV. The neutron is not confined by the magnetic field and is absorbed by a blanket where its energy is converted to heat. The remainder works just like a regular power plant.(md)

For the remainder of the discussion, please click on the source link:


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Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-02-2016

Ronna : MichaelBeloved masters, at the present time you may wonder why we are not relaying much new information to you, but are more or less repeating wisdom teachings of the past. We have told you—through the many messengers of Light who have devoted much of their time and energy to bringing forth the wisdom teachings for your Ascension in consciousness—we have now given you the major, important teachings for this particular round of the Ascension process. We are focusing on past teachings—refining and upgrading them—for a reason. Repetition is one of the best ways to help you integrate and retain the higher frequency teachings of the future.

We understand that it is exciting and tantalizing to constantly receive new, radical and sensational information; however, we ask you, “Have you integrated and perfected all the teachings that have been given? Have you accomplished all of the goals necessary to competently and easily access and live in a Fifth-Dimensional environment?”

A limited number of advanced Souls have achieved that goal; however, the majority of you are still in various stages of completing the final, critical Rites of Passage that are needed to achieve entry into the Fifth Kingdom of God-consciousness. Patience and a willingness to allow the process to unfold in its own time are what is needed during this critical stage of higher consciousness integration. Whether you are in an intense period of testing or growth, or whether you are in a “null zone,” or a time of “sanctuary and contemplation,” it is vastly important that you allow your OverSoul / Higher Self to orchestrate the tempo and timing of the final stages of the process.

Initiation is a great experiment with energy through the use of Will. It is a gradual understanding of the Higher Path of consciousness and an integration of cosmic wisdom. You are composed of energy units of varied frequencies. It is vital that you strive to control your emotional nature, and become selective in the energy forces that you draw to you and integrate. The energy field in which you live and move creates your reality in the material world.

As you and the Earth return to balance in the still point of perfected harmony, polarity consciousness will no longer be able to dance and weave between the Light and the shadows. There will be no need for conflict, separation or anything which will hinder you in perfecting your mastership and creating that which will bring peace, prosperity and great joy for all. It is surely being brought into your awareness that the Light is becoming more predominant in certain people and areas, as the shadow / negativity is becoming more pronounced and chaotic in other areas. This is because a separation is taking place, both within each of you and all around you. You must choose which path you will follow: the upward spiraling path of en-Lighten-ment or the downward spiral of continued chaos and limitation. Our mission is to assist you in making the highest choices. Are you ready to manifest, and prepared to live in the magic and majesty of the Fifth Dimensional environment that is awaiting you?

My brave ones, it is truly a cosmic dance you are in the midst of, and what we are endeavoring to do is to help you find the harmonic cadence and beat which will allow you to waltz, glide and surf on the crests of the New Age waves of change, and to modify the troughs or lows in-between. Have we not told you many times before, this great drama you are in the midst of is not about Light/dark, good/evil, negative/positive, right/wrong, for there are many shades, interpretations and levels of truth within each of these concepts? What you are seeking is the middle path or balance, which means bringing all Facets of your Being into harmony, one with another: the physical body, emotional body, mental body and etheric body, so that they resonate compatibly, and they compliment and strengthen each other.

Many of you are experiencing the cutting edge of creative existence as you rapidly move through the remaining distortions of your old reality into a more clearly defined life and viewpoint. However, your emotional and mental awareness are still at odds and battling with the dichotomy of old and new thought forms/beliefs that are swirling around you. Symbolically, in one hand you are holding your justly earned higher vibrational awareness and wisdom as you test and validate your newly expanded senses, and you experience the many small and large miraculous manifestations that are occurring in your everyday life. Yet, in the other hand, you are still trying to juggle the swirling mass of distorted thought forms prevalent in what we will call the common consciousness of humanity, which is in the throes of the remaining vestiges of the old Third/Fourth-Dimensional reality perpetuating fear, lack, separation and the deep-seated need to control and dominate others.

First you accomplish this in what could be seen as a horizontal fashion, whereby you reintegrate all the energetic facets of yourself you have created within your force/auric field. You focus within on each chakra/mind center and, through your enlightened intent, you gradually reprogram each of these centers, thereby replacing old dis-empowering vibrations with new master Memory Cells of Creator-consciousness. As you do so, the refined energy from each center radiates outward and re-defines/harmonizes the attributes and qualities that pertain to that particular energy center. As we have taught before, as you bring these energy centers into harmony, one-by-one, you gradually activate/open the Seven Seals of Higher Consciousness, which ignites the pillar of Light in your spinal column, which enables you to gain access to the more rarified vertical levels of consciousness known as your OverSoul /Higher Self, and eventually, your Sacred Triad.

Your Higher Mental Self is the discerning higher intelligence which monitors and regulates the Light infusions, and the gifts of Spirit that are allotted to you according to your level of spiritual awareness and your present needs. Special dispensations are also monitored and dispensed by your Holy Mental Self (your Spiritual Triad of Divine Will/Love/Intelligence), which is the intermediary between you and your God Seed Atom (I AM Presence).

Meditation helps to discipline the lower mind and the ego so that you can attune consciously to the musings of your higher mind. It takes patience and discipline to stop the mind chatter that is the norm for those closed off from their higher consciousness. We encourage you to practice active and passive meditation.

A decree or affirmation is a prayer with power. It should be a concise, positive affirmation expressed with confidence, and the assurance that it will be manifested in the proper form at the appropriate time. If the affirmation is sent forth with loving intent for the greatest good, you are aligning your will with that of your Higher Self, and Universal Law will assure that your co-creator thoughts and aspirations will be combined with those of like mind. Thus, they will be increased in strength and power. Silent meditation is listening for an answer from your Higher Self, your guardian angel or your Sacred Triad.

Those of you who are deep in the midst of this transformational process at this time are experiencing many conflicting patterns of thought, but you are learning to be an observer of the process and view your everyday drama of life from the higher vantage point of a master. You are experiencing fewer and less dramatic lows, and as you process these imbalanced energies, you are moving back into your center of power much more quickly. However, it is a critical time of testing your ability to claim what is to be your highest truth and to maintain your balance as the waves of change ebb and flow.

As you become accustomed to observing your world from a loftier viewpoint, you will be able to see the energetic probable future time lines, which those around you are creating with their positive/negative thought forms and actions. You will intuitively see what is ahead of them if they continue on their present course–possibly not the particular details–but the uplifting or stressful results of their actions. Just as we cannot interfere or resolve your problems for you, you will not be able to intercede for those around you. What you can do is not get caught up in their negative dramas, and you can serve best by being an unwavering example and staying firmly in the power of your heart center, each and every moment, no matter what occurs in the world around you.

You must learn to focus on your inner world or the Sanctuary of the Soul. The Soul, the physical vessel, and particularly the mind have their own rhythmic cycles and agendas. The Soul’s desire is focused on becoming en-Lighten-ed. The mind is focused on attaining and retaining information. The physical body is focused on experiencing via the senses. Humanity is constantly experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation and decay, which makes way for a new cycle of growth and expansion. The master turns inward and strives for an enhanced quality of life, while unawakened Souls seek outwardly for stimulus and gratification via pleasurable, physical sensation and material possessions. Love as an external focus, exterior to you, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, always needing constant validation by someone or something. Love, as an internal focus projected outward, is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all Creation.

It is an exhilarating time to be in the physical vessel, and yet, your physical vessel is struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing frequencies that you have available and are integrating moment-by-moment, and day-by-day. Many of you who have not suffered colds, the flu or intestinal disturbances for many years are now experiencing these debilitating symptoms, and some of you ask, “What am I doing wrong?” You are not doing anything wrong, my brave friends—it is what you are doing right that is causing these uncomfortable bouts of bodily distress. This is a good example of old limiting thought forms: you see any of these symptoms or any illness as bad or unhealthy, and that you are being punished or did something wrong for this to happen to you. Of course, we do not know this first-hand, but we do see and sense your distress, and we acknowledge the fact that these occurrences are not pleasant for the physical body.

We wish to give you another facet of truth to ponder on. Again, many of you who are deeply submerged in the transformation/Ascension process are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within your physical vessel. You could call it a transmutation or baptism by fire, a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within. Not all viruses are bad, nor are all the uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing. See them as a means to an end and serving a higher purpose.

No one is immune to these deeply penetrating energy patterns. No matter where a person stands on the ladder of Ascension, each and every one will experience the effects of the upward spiraling frequencies of Light. As you can see, many in the world have moved more deeply into separation and fear and are rigidly affirming that their way/truth is the only right/acceptable way. And, herein comes one of the greatest tests for you who claim harmony and a peaceful coexistence for ALL as your reality. These things, too, will pass, beloveds.

We ask you to nurture yourselves, to pay attention as never before to your physical vessels and the signals or messages your wise body Elemental projects to you. How will you enjoy the beautiful world of love, joy and abundance you are creating if your precious physical vessel is not vibrant and healthy?

Once you attain the status of a Soul-infused Spiritual/human, your intellectual abilities, efficiency, and practicality will assist you to make astounding progress. You have the tools and inward talents to achieve anything you desire in this lifetime and beyond, beloveds. Remember, when you have aligned with your current highest destiny for the greatest good of all, you will access and radiate out into the world the Creator Particles of Love/ Light /Life. We are here to assist you in every way possible to attain spiritual illumination, and we radiate to you a beam of Eternal love.


I AM Archangel Michael.


Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe *Star*Quest *775-856-3654*

Source Link: http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/latest.html

Blossom Goodchild and The Federation of Light

January 9, 2016

Blossom GoodchildBlossom: Hello! Wondering if you are there today, as I have tried twice before this week and … nothing! Nada! Anyone about?

Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls who walk upon the Earth plane at this time in the Glory of themselves. We are indeed with you … sharing Energy this day and more than happy to do so.

People write in asking me to ask you all sorts of ‘controversial’ things. Yet, as we have discussed, these topics are not really ‘your bag!’ I do feel however, we could do with a change of approach in this New Year. A new way of ‘deliverance’. Sort of like a revamping … if you get my drift and yet, I have no idea how this would/could take place … and I have a feeling, nor have you! And that is probably why we didn’t connect the other times I have tried this year. Your thoughts?

We are committed to bringing you OUR TRUTH. This … as you know … for us … is how we see ‘Our mission.’ For we KNOW that ALL THAT WE ARE … ALL THAT YOU ARE … is all that is required to be KNOWN in order for all One’s desires/requirements of soul satisfaction to be met.

However … in pursuit of this TRUTH … for those upon Earth who have not necessarily ‘lost their way’ yet, have been ‘thwarted’ and perhaps misguided on a scale beyond comparison … May we enter into this New Year with the possibility in mind that indeed, a new approach shall come about.

Have you any idea how this may work? With all respect and I DO MEAN THAT … we sort of need some fireworks up our ‘proverbials’ (Good luck with that one, translators!) … something exciting! I KNOW your/our purpose is to bring through messages of LOVE … after all, what else is there? Yet … Oh! I don’t know … as I say … any ideas?

Perhaps it should be, Dearest Lady … that we entrust that which is to come through/break through to that of a Higher ‘nature’ than we presently hold.

Do you mean for a Higher Being/consciousness other than yourselves to come through?

No. We mean that we shall access Higher knowledge and bring it through from our current position.

Like, how much Higher?

That, of course … which is ‘above us.’ By this, we mean … on a Vibrational understanding …other than the level we have reached.

And yet, you say you are the ‘Overseers of the Overseers.’ Are you going to contact the ‘Overseers of the Overseers of the Overseers of the Overseers’?

Something like that! And yet … this is how ‘your’ perception of WHO WE ARE is understood. It is also ‘your’ perception of ‘where we are.’

Where are you?

We are everywhere and nowhere. For we … the Overseers of the Overseers …as you ‘see us’… are of no thing. We are able to BE anything we choose.

Then you must be pretty ‘Up there’.

Only from the point of view … coming again from your perception … of ‘Your’ point of view.

For ‘our’ point of view sees things very differently and that, Dearest  Lady, is where we sometimes have conflicting ‘understandings’ regarding certain matters.

So are you … known to us as The Federation Of Light … actually BEINGS in form … or are you BEINGS in/of LIGHT?

As we say … at the ‘stage’ we have reached … we are pretty much anything we desire to Be. We would like to express ourselves to you this day as … BEINGS IN LIGHT FORM.

Yet, we would also express that YOU … Each One of YOU are exactly the same. It is just that we Vibrate on a HIGHER frequency. Therefore, we are able to more easily access the Knowledge that lies within Each One. For Each One IS KNOWLEDGE. Yet, expressing itself, in your case … in physical form.

You cannot BE that which you are not. Yet, you have been blinded by non-facts which you believe to be Truth and you have allowed distain to overshadow the Glorious Light you are.

This may sound a childish question yet, is that actually ‘entirely’ our fault? Can we not ‘blame it’ on those of lesser Light who wish our downfall and obliviation?! Oh! Go on … please say it’s not ALL our fault!

Let us address … ALL THAT IS! ALL that is presented to you on an outer production! You … many of you … are aware of those that indeed, do not have your best interest at heart. Yet … AT HEART … there is nothing and no one that can TRULY ‘obliviate’ you … however hard they try!


Ok. I get that … I’ve got that for a long time. Yet, there are Beings on this planet that want to and do ‘snuff us out!’. Or, at least … bring our Energy down to a very low degree. They have created ways of blocking out our Light, dampening our spirits, hiding the truth from us etc. So, are we at fault for being blinded by these non-facts etc.?

There are no faults. There just … IS AS IS.

There is no blame. There is just … IS AS IS.

And AS things ARE … YOU ARE HERE AS THE MOST MAGNIFICENT BEINGS OF LIGHT … presented with the opportunity of your choice to CHANGE THINGS!


Therefore, it is a matter of reclaiming your strength. Reclaiming your ABSOLUTE POWER and turning things around to a way that is compatible with the DIVINE ENERGY OF YOUR SOULS TRUTH.

Yep. Know that. Get that one too! My dilemma being … that all this you speak of … this WAY you speak … is all well and good and indeed has served myself and many thousands so well. I have become so much LIGHTER throughout your teachings … due to applying them. Thank you. Yet, I just can’t seem to breakthrough to WHO I TRULY AM … as you request us to do. I ‘try’ to go within and BE at Peace … meditate etc. I come out of it … maybe (?) Higher spirited … yet, certainly not FULLY aware of WHO I AM. You want to say to that ‘YOU ARE LOVE’. This I also know. Yet … how do I/we access that HIGHER PART OF THE LIGHT WE ARE? And Be aware of it? My bus pass doesn’t seem to take me that far!

Dearest Lady … it is quite difficult for us to tell you how to do this. For it is not something that can be taught.

Then I’m doomed Captain Mannerring , I’m doomed! ( Taken from an English TV show, ‘Dad’s Army’)

Far from it. For it is by the rediscovering of/for yourself that the HIGHEST part of you can be attained/reached.

Yes. But how? How do I rediscover it? Lord knows I’ve tried! You may well want to say … ‘Don’t  try’. That doesn’t do it for me either!

We would like to point out for the readers’ point of view … that your Energy is not of frustration here … yet, playful banter.

Oh! Ok.  I, rightly or wrongly assume people know me by now.

Many. Yet, new ones to the group arrive at this destination all the time.

So then … How can we assist in this situation? Let us see. For us … in our KNOWINGNESS OF OURSELVES … we do not need to ‘think’  “We are Light” … For that is our form and therefore, it is ‘In our face’ … for want of expressing correctly! And aptly! Our faces indeed, are of Light. Our Beings are of Light in their entirety. This is never questioned by us … it is simply accepted AS IS.

Perhaps, therefore, it may assist your plight by constantly telling/remembering/reminding/seeing/knowing yourselves AS ONLY LIGHT.

Throughout your day … throughout your evening time … continually reinforce in your mind





‘I SHINE LIGHT’ … etc. etc.

Over and over and over and over. In a sense … brainwash yourselves INTO this KNOWING OF TRUTH.

In this way … you will/can undo the brainwashing that is of the contrary!

Of course, we must add … as we have said many times before … words are inadequate. Yet indeed, they have great use and purpose. Yet, you KNOW it is THE FEELING behind the words offered to/within your mind … that allow the TRUTH of them to … BECOME.

Therefore, when reiterating WHO YOU ARE … LIGHT-LOVE … FEEL … FEEL … FEEL THIS THAT YOU ARE.


For in your constant attention to these thoughts and FEELING them as YOUR TRUTH … it is LAW that this TRUTH shall manifest into your reality.


So, we would advise … with much Love … to be watchful of your thoughts at all times.

Practice these thoughts which we offer … and FEEL the difference within.

Can you just spend a moment talking about where ‘within’ is? Do you mean the mind? The soul? Where … actually is it?

You go to a space where there is nothing and everything.

Not helpful chaps!

No? Perhaps then … try the journey of getting there without the concern of actually arriving.

And the route is? The number bus I’m waiting for is?

Breathing slowly … deeply … in and out. Consciously aware that you are doing so. When you concentrate purely and Souly/solely on doing so … and listen only to the sound of that LIGHT-LOVE entering in and circulating out … then all other thoughts cannot enter in.

Concentrate … Concentrate … Concentrate on the FEELING and the sound and the physical movement as you inhale through the mouth or nose. There is no set agenda. Whatever FEELS comfortable … for you. For as many counts as FEELS comfortable … for you. Breathe in ‘YOURSELF’ at your own pace … at your leisure … and ‘see’ within yourself ‘where’ it takes you.

Add to that the KNOWING that you are ONLY Light … and …


Bingo indeed.

Ok, chaps … I feel this is a good place to sign off for today. So glad you were about. Can you tell me quickly … what causes you not to be?

Have you got all day?


Then let us say for now … sometimes the bus’s engine can be a little temperamental.

Mmm! Would that mean … my Energies are not always as up to scratch as I think they are?

It could be just ONE of many, many reasons involved. As simple as this communication may FEEL when firing on all cylinders … it is in/of itself, very intricate and yet, that is our department.

So very glad it isn’t mine! I wouldn’t even know how to get the bonnet open! I shall simply remain as always … willing and able. Many thanks, my friends. Many thanks.

It is with the greatest of Joy we commune with you in this way.






Our Love is One with yours. In Gratitude.

The audio for this channeling can be found at https://youtu.be/BIEYFbZR-VU

Source Link: http://blossomgoodchild.com

Introducing the Company of Heaven – Golden Age of Gaia


Feb 2 Beckow
Some of Earth’s ascended masters, helping with Ascension

February 2, 2016 by

Having called on others to begin introducing the Company of Heaven, which is hosting our Ascension, I’d like to start the ball rolling by offering some of their own statements through channeled messages of who they are and where they come from.

We know that Planet Earth is the first planet to go through a mass, physical Ascension and that many other planets will follow, not all from the Third Dimension. (1) All dimensions will move forward, following the template established here on Earth, into a new space, a space that was not created before now.

David Wilcock calls the collective of beings here to help with Ascension “management.”

“All of those [Annunaki] are just like children in the sandbox who can totally be stopped by what I call management, you know, the higher, positive forces out there, that are much more vast in their potential. These are the kind of guys that can basically move an entire solar system around just as we would roll the marbles on a table. …

“Management will not allow the planet to be destroyed. They will not allow the planet to fall into the negative. They are protecting us as we go through this evolutionary process.” (2)

SaLuSa of Sirius used the term “Company of Heaven” in 2009 to describe what David calls management:

“Spirit is highly organised, which may surprise you, bearing in mind how vast the Company of Heaven is that serves Mankind.” (3)

The Divine Mother, whose plan we’re following, described the Company of Heaven in 2013. She said that her call for assistance was answered by:

“… the seraphim, the cherubim, the archangels, the legions of angels, every ascended, enlightened being, your star brothers and sisters — and there is a very strong component, by the way, that the channel also did not talk about, with your star brothers and sisters.” (4)

These groups “are all acting as transmitters” of the light that is causing our elevation. (5)

Archangel Michael tells us that the Company of Heaven has “gathered from far and wide, seraphs, archangels, those from the Outer Forces, the Inner Forces. It is a gathering the magnitude of which you are just glimpsing.” (6)

From the galactic side, SaLuSa says that:

“The members of the Galactic Federation … will be there with you to give every assistance. We will not of course be the only ones, as there are many souls from the Spirit World supporting you now. Plus, your Angelic Beings that have exceptional powers if they need to use them, who are already protecting you as they have since your birth upon Earth.” (7)

“The Forces of Light have never gathered together on Earth in such numbers for millennia of time. This is of course in accordance with the Divine Plan.” (8)

SaLuSa’s colleague, Atmos, discloses that “the Galactic Federation, along with the White Brotherhood and Elders, are the principal players in the process of preparing you not just for these final years to 2012, but beyond.” (9)

The Arcturians name some of the star systems that the galactics come from in the process of cataloguing the Company of Heaven:

“The beloved members of the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Antares, as well as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the awakened members of Earth have all joined together to assist Gaia in the fulfillment of Her transformation.” (10)

Matthew Ward tells us that the Company of Heaven is “doing more than beaming love to you—they’re serving in ways that probably you never imagined anyone living in a spirit world could manage.” (11)

The Star Elders speaking through Aluna Joy tells us that “we come at these precarious junction points, at the end/beginning of ages.” They come because “we absolutely love it.”  (12)

“Everybody is collaborating,” Archangel Michael says.

“No, not by memo, but telepathically, energetically. It is like the finest ballet, or the sweetest orchestra. The symphony is heard throughout the universe. And when there is a single discordant note — and normally that comes from humanity — it is addressed immediately.” (13)

The seraphim, cherubim, archangels and angels come from the transcendental realm beyond the Twelve Dimensions. The ascended masters of Earth and the other star systems come from the Twelve Dimensions.

These then are the actors in the drama now unfolding, as seen through the eyes of channeled entities from Earth and beyond.


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Source Link: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/02/02/introducing-the-company-of-heaven/


Sperm Whales Can Talk

 Have We Met? Sperm Whales Can Talk and Even Have Dialects

By Kate Lenau  January 20, 2016

New research reveals an unprecedented view into the social lives of these ocean mammals, who can use ‘vocal clans’ to distinguish themselves.

The deep ocean is the least-understood environment on our planet, and the sperm whale is one of its strangest inhabitants. It has the biggest brain of any species, and a massive head filled with a waxy substance called spermaceti, once prized by whalers. It can dive more than 2,000 m deep to feast on giant squid, hunting in the dark with echolocation, and stay under for an hour. Sperm whales are the stuff of legend, doing deep-sea battles with giant squid, or tormenting Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. But they have a surprising amount in common with us. Sperm whales seem to have language, a shared culture, maybe even a sense of self. A new study suggests these whales might be able to identify themselves with clicking vocalizations, akin to a first and last name.

Shane Gero is a Canadian marine biologist, originally from Ottawa and now based at Aarhus University in Denmark. For the last 10 years, he’s been running a research project off the Caribbean island of Dominica, tracking sperm whale families. Over thousands of hours, Gero has followed individual whales from birth to maturity, and can recognize many of them by sight. “I’ve been working with [sperm whales] for getting on 35 years. But they all still pretty much look like logs to me,” says Hal Whitehead, who was Gero’s Ph.D. supervisor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and is now his collaborator. “Whereas Shane says, ‘That’s so-and-so, she’s the mother of X, and the friend of Y.’”

Feb 2 Sperm Whale Post
Shane Gero uses a directional hydrophone, an underwater microphone that can determine which direction the sound of the whales is are coming from, to locate families of sperm whales off the coast of Dominica. (Marina Milligan/The Dominica Sperm Whale Project)

The Dominica Sperm Whale Project offers an unprecedented view into the social lives of these animals, which are notoriously difficult to study. (For reasons that might be partly cultural, sperm whales around Dominica stay close to home. Whitehead says that Pacific whales can roam over thousands of kilometers.) After years following whales, Gero believes they have their own “civilization,” and this new finding of identity calls, he says, is further evidence of it.

Sperm whales communicate through Morse-code-like patterns of clicks called “codas,” which are different than the echolocation clicks they emit to find squid and other prey. Shortly after birth, whales begin to babble, and eventually pick up a dialect, which distinguishes them as members of a particular “vocal clan.” Each clan can encompass thousands of sperm whales. Members of different vocal clans are culturally different: they might not travel the same routes, and won’t interact much. “Sperm whales seem to have a segregated society based on clans,” says Whitehead, co-author of The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins, with Luke Rendell.

In the new study, published in Royal Society Open Science, Gero, Whitehead and Rendell examine a series of sperm whale codas, recorded in Dominica with underwater microphones. The instruments are lowered into the water after the animal dives. “They’ll lift their tail and go straight down, basically vertical,” Gero says. “Two or three animals will dive together, they’ll chat a bit, and then the echolocation clicks start,” which are louder, like hand claps compared to finger snaps. Clicks are amplified through the whale’s spermaceti organ, providing a way for researchers to identify exactly who’s chatting with whom. “The sound bounces back and forth inside the head of the whale,” Gero explains. By using this to make a measurement of head size, and matching it to each individual whale’s length, they can tell who emitted the coda.

Across the Caribbean, all sperm whales emit a coda called 1+1+3: two even clicks followed by three quick ones. No matter which whale is making it, the call is remarkably similar, even among animals who never associate. Gero and his co-authors found that four of the nine family units they followed made their own distinctive four-click coda, a family marker. And each individual whale performs a personalized version of a coda called “5R,” or five regular clicks. That could function like a first name. (The 5R coda has been recorded among sperm whales all over the world.) “[Whales] make it in different ways,” Gero says. “One might make it quickly, or slowly, or maybe with emphasis at the beginning or the end.” Using these three types of coda, whales seem to be able to identify their vocal clan, their family and themselves—saying something like, “My name is Shane, my family is Gero, and I am Canadian.”

Sperm whale “societies,” as Gero calls them, evolved out of necessity. Nursing calves aren’t able to deep-dive like their mothers. (Calves nurse for three years or longer.) When mom is diving for squid, she leaves her little one with a babysitter—a trusted family member or friend. “Mothers live in groups, and form these long-term bonds, to have a social resource for looking after calves,” says Rendell of the University of St. Andrews. Vocal communication, he adds, is “the glue and oil of social life.”

Feb 2 Sperm Whale Post 2

The three calves of Unit R swim together at the surface. ‘Riot’, in the middle is still too young to dive deeply with her mother and so must be escorted at the surface to protect her from predators. Groups of calves are often left alone at the surface while the females in the unit hunt for squid at depth. Otherwise, calves have adult babysitters, who are often the mother’s closest relatives. Sperm whale society is matrilineal; grandmothers, mothers and calves living together for life and communal care for calves is the key to their social groups. (Amanda Cotton)

While female whales and calves live in groups around the equator, males take a different path. Once full-grown, they embark on solo journeys toward the poles, returning to warmer climes to mate. From what Gero has observed in Dominica, he questions the long-held idea that this is some sort of testosterone-fueled “walkabout” performed by male sperm whales, which dates back to whalers’ times. “They seem to be ostracized,” he says. In Dominica, he’s seen young males trailing after their families until they turn away. Still, they learn to produce codas before leaving. Acquiring a dialect might help prevent male sperm whales from inbreeding, Gero suggests, “but increasingly, I think they come home and visit.” Year after year, he’s seen certain males return to Dominica, not to mate, but for other reasons that aren’t clear. “For nomadic sperm whales in the vast nothingness of the ocean, the only constant is their family,” he says. “Marking that [through dialect] is really important.”

This new study makes it clear that sperm whales emit a variety of codas—even personalized ones—but it will take further research to untangle what exact purpose they serve. Gero hopes to play codas back to the whales and see how they respond to their own call, that of a family member, or one of a different clan. That won’t happen until 2017. In March, he’ll be back in Dominica to tag mothers and calves with devices that can track three-dimensional movement, and record acoustics below the surface. “We know virtually nothing about the little ones, how they stay in touch with their mother, when they start echo locating, or how they learn codas,” he says. In Dominica, he can follow calves as they grow and have calves of their own. Gero, who is 35, hopes to keep the Dominica Sperm Whale Project running until he retires.

Even in a decade, he’s seen major changes. Human activities, including commercial fishing and tourism, seem to be pushing the animals further offshore. More alarmingly, sperm whale calves are dying. “Calf mortality in the Caribbean is off the charts.” Almost 30 per cent will die in their first year, he says. Of those that do survive, about four per cent won’t make it to adulthood. Although Gero can’t say why for sure, he thinks humankind must play a role.

Gero calls sperm whales “ambassadors” of the deep ocean, an environment that’s still virtually unknown to us. Even today, 95 per cent of the deep ocean is unexplored by humans. Their “society,” as Gero calls it, seems to have startling parallels with our own. Sperm whales were around “before we were walking upright,” Gero says. “Their traditions have existed a lot longer than we have.”





The Good News About The Flint Water Crisis

Yes, there IS good news to be had from the unfortunate water supply debacle in Flint.

The ability to access information is creating a faster reaction to create solutions.

The old method to deny, evade, and cover-up information legitimately within public domain is not successful anymore. In years past, a more likely outcome would have been the passing of many many years until the truth would be discovered. Especially in a city which is not white and affluent.  Politicians can no longer expect to be protected from mismanagement, arrogance and greed, simply because of the office they hold. In fact, it is now the understanding that anyone who wants to work in the political sphere of offices involved with water management in Michigan will accept greater transparency and the participation of people. They will rightly demand truth and solutions.

Whistle blowers are appreciated. A few short years ago, whistleblowers were shamed and punished severely as corporate or political traitors. Think of the statement of Dr Marc Edwards regarding the attempts by Miguel A. Del Toral to bring awareness of the situation to the officials who could have and should have acted upon the information. The whistle blower is a hero! Public shaming is now directed to individuals who failed to act with the highest intentions for the greatest good.

And related to the above is the courage of people with the appropriate authority to not fear repercussions and loudly speak the truth. These individuals added the credibility needed to support the claims made by Flint citizens who apparently had no voice.

The Flint Water Crisis is now a case study at two Universities. This education will serve to sensitize people to political maneuvering around our most basic right to a clean planet. How would this situation have played out in other parts of the United States? Europe? China? Africa?

It is tempting to hold the story up against a grid of good and bad, but the clearer opportunity is to look past the mistakes and true lack of knowledge. We can now appreciate the real gains made which will benefit us all to untold lengths in the future.

Fresh Air and Free does not have information about personal donations to Flint, but the outpouring of support from celebrity and corporate donations is heartwarming:

“On January 9, the United Auto Workers union donated drinking water to Flint via a caravan of trucks to local food banks, and an AmeriCorps team announced that it would deploy to Flint to assist in response efforts.

On January 16, singer Cher donated 181,000 bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, while the Legacy Group Water Project coordinated with the Red Cross and the City of Flint as well as Bottles for the Babies to initiate the largest volunteer action to distribute water and filters into the city in a single day since the citywide emergency was declared a month earlier. Operation Flint, another volunteer group, also began accepting water donations the same day.

On January 18, rapper Meek Mill donated $50,000 and 60,000 bottles of water to Flint to aid in the crisis, while Oskar Blues Brewery and Ball Corporation donated 50,000 cans of water to Flint.

On January 19, the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians donated $10,000 to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department.

On January 21, rapper Big Sean, a Detroit native, donated $10,000 to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, the Flint Firebirds’ rivals in the Ontario Hockey League made donations: the Windsor Spitfires donated 40,000 bottles of water, and the Sarnia Sting donated 15,000 bottles of water, and teamed with United Way of America to begin a fund for Flint, where $2 will give someone a full case of free water.

On January 22, Detroit Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah donated 94,000 bottles to Flint, and Terrance Knighton and his Washington Redskins teammates donated 3,600 bottles of water to Flint’s Catholic Charities USA. Also on that date, rock band Pearl Jam and a large group of musicians donated $300,000 to the United Way of Genesee County, and started a fundraiser for donations from its fans.  Additionally, fundraising website GoFundMe promised to donate an additional $10,000 to the fund of the winner of a week-long contest that ends on January 29 between a large number of groups trying to raise money for Flint, while Anheuser-Busch donated 51,744 cans of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

On January 24, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon donated $10,000 to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint while a group made up of actor Mark Wahlberg and rappers Sean Combs, Eminem and Wiz Khalifa donated 1 million bottles of water to Flint.

On January 25, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark donated $50,000 and 25,000 cases of water to the United Way of Southeastern Michigan.

On January 26, Walmart, The Coca-Cola Company, Nestle and PepsiCo announced that they would collectively donate a total of 176 truckloads of water (up to 6.5 million bottles) through the end of 2016. On the same day, singer Madonna donated $10,000 to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, and singer Kem donated $10,000 to the Salvation Army of Genesee County. Also, rapper The Game donated $1,000,000 in water bottles to Flint, while FedEx, along with the city of Memphis Tennessee donated 12,000 bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Additionally, Detroit Pistons forward Marcus Morris, in conjunction with Philadelphia organizations F.O.E. and the Nehemiah Davis Foundation donated 60,000 cases of water to Flint.

On January 27, singer Aretha Franklin said she will provide hotel rooms and food for 25-50 Flint residents.

On January 28, Platinum Equity chairman and CEO and Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores a Flint native, launched a campaign to raise $10 million for Flint. Also on that date rapper Pusha T donated 2,000 cases of bottled water to Flint. Also on that date the city of Evanston, Illinois donated $5,000 to the United Way of Genesee County.

On January 30, the company ShowerPill donated $100,000 in anti-microbial body wipes, baby wipes and water for distribution by the United Way of Genesee County for distribution focused on high schools and senior centers.”