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Some of Earth’s ascended masters, helping with Ascension

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Having called on others to begin introducing the Company of Heaven, which is hosting our Ascension, I’d like to start the ball rolling by offering some of their own statements through channeled messages of who they are and where they come from.

We know that Planet Earth is the first planet to go through a mass, physical Ascension and that many other planets will follow, not all from the Third Dimension. (1) All dimensions will move forward, following the template established here on Earth, into a new space, a space that was not created before now.

David Wilcock calls the collective of beings here to help with Ascension “management.”

“All of those [Annunaki] are just like children in the sandbox who can totally be stopped by what I call management, you know, the higher, positive forces out there, that are much more vast in their potential. These are the kind of guys that can basically move an entire solar system around just as we would roll the marbles on a table. …

“Management will not allow the planet to be destroyed. They will not allow the planet to fall into the negative. They are protecting us as we go through this evolutionary process.” (2)

SaLuSa of Sirius used the term “Company of Heaven” in 2009 to describe what David calls management:

“Spirit is highly organised, which may surprise you, bearing in mind how vast the Company of Heaven is that serves Mankind.” (3)

The Divine Mother, whose plan we’re following, described the Company of Heaven in 2013. She said that her call for assistance was answered by:

“… the seraphim, the cherubim, the archangels, the legions of angels, every ascended, enlightened being, your star brothers and sisters — and there is a very strong component, by the way, that the channel also did not talk about, with your star brothers and sisters.” (4)

These groups “are all acting as transmitters” of the light that is causing our elevation. (5)

Archangel Michael tells us that the Company of Heaven has “gathered from far and wide, seraphs, archangels, those from the Outer Forces, the Inner Forces. It is a gathering the magnitude of which you are just glimpsing.” (6)

From the galactic side, SaLuSa says that:

“The members of the Galactic Federation … will be there with you to give every assistance. We will not of course be the only ones, as there are many souls from the Spirit World supporting you now. Plus, your Angelic Beings that have exceptional powers if they need to use them, who are already protecting you as they have since your birth upon Earth.” (7)

“The Forces of Light have never gathered together on Earth in such numbers for millennia of time. This is of course in accordance with the Divine Plan.” (8)

SaLuSa’s colleague, Atmos, discloses that “the Galactic Federation, along with the White Brotherhood and Elders, are the principal players in the process of preparing you not just for these final years to 2012, but beyond.” (9)

The Arcturians name some of the star systems that the galactics come from in the process of cataloguing the Company of Heaven:

“The beloved members of the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Antares, as well as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the awakened members of Earth have all joined together to assist Gaia in the fulfillment of Her transformation.” (10)

Matthew Ward tells us that the Company of Heaven is “doing more than beaming love to you—they’re serving in ways that probably you never imagined anyone living in a spirit world could manage.” (11)

The Star Elders speaking through Aluna Joy tells us that “we come at these precarious junction points, at the end/beginning of ages.” They come because “we absolutely love it.”  (12)

“Everybody is collaborating,” Archangel Michael says.

“No, not by memo, but telepathically, energetically. It is like the finest ballet, or the sweetest orchestra. The symphony is heard throughout the universe. And when there is a single discordant note — and normally that comes from humanity — it is addressed immediately.” (13)

The seraphim, cherubim, archangels and angels come from the transcendental realm beyond the Twelve Dimensions. The ascended masters of Earth and the other star systems come from the Twelve Dimensions.

These then are the actors in the drama now unfolding, as seen through the eyes of channeled entities from Earth and beyond.


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